Sex Coaching

Where did you learn about sex? From someone who knew . . . no more than you did?

Maybe you managed to pick up a few techniques here and there – but who has taught you how to awaken and enrich your inner experience? How to delve into the bliss, the mystery, the power of it?

Who has taught you to trust yourself? Or how to invite your partner into their deepest experience? Who has taught you how to receive, deeply, fully, deliciously? Or how to give with a full and generous heart, with confidence and love?


Maybe it’s time.

Sex Coaching is for those people, men, women, couples, who are looking deeper, who want to go beyond their current limitations. It is for those who are willing to question what they know in order to do so.

Sex Coaching is beyond slick techniques and tips. It is a route of inner exploration – that leads to a mature, authentic and richly satisfying eroticism. The kind you have always wanted.


About our sessions:

Sex Coaching is not a euphemism for escorting. I do not offer a ‘date’ experience, nor any specific sex activity.

The first session, and likely more, are spent bringing you up to speed on your body awareness, your desires, and your skills of requesting, consent, boundaries and touch. Until those are clear, there is nowhere to go. When they are clear, anything is possible.

We will focus on you learning to receive with a full and open heart, before we get anywhere close to ‘giving’ back to me.

Each person is unique, each session is tailored to you and your needs. They may or may not be erotically charged at any given time. There is just no way to tell from here what is going to serve you best. They may be comforting, instructional or powerfully erotic. They can take you places you have not yet dreamed of.

What they are not is entertainment (as valuable as that is). If you are looking to do what you already know how to do and to feel how you already know how to feel, you will be better served by any number of my wonderful and loving sisters.

Sex Coaching with me requires that you question what you know and explore your inner experience.

And it’s a helluva lot of fun.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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