Sessions and Fees

:: Sensual Touch

First time ~ We meet for coffee and spend a few minutes getting acquainted and making sure we are comfortable together. Then we step across the street to my studio. Simple session, one-way touch. Short coffee meet-up plus 1 hour on the table: Seattle, $300 / New York, $400.

:: Coaching: Coffee or Lunch Consultation

Informal, warm conversation about you and your erotic life. Ask all the questions of me you like. Or just have a great time with a beautiful woman who knows a lot about sex. 1 hour or so: Seattle, $150 / New York, $200.

:: Coaching: First Session

The first session always begins with the Coffee or Lunch Consultation. Once we get acquainted and have your questions answered, we adjourn to my studio across the street.

In the first session I am always clothed or partially clothed. I bring you up to speed on your body awareness, your desires, your skills of requesting, consent, boundaries and touch. These are skills you will take home with you immediately – and your sweetie will thank you! If you like, you may include some wonderful TLC on my massage table.

       Half-hour coffee plus 2 hours in studio:
Seattle: $600
New York: $700

:: Coaching: Subsequent Sessions

Subsequent sessions may be clothing optional for both of us, depending on your interests and needs. 2 hours: Seattle, $600 / New York, $700

:: An Evening Out

Dinner, concert, theater, dance, or other inspiration, followed by Sensual Touch back at my place (or your hotel).
6 pm-ish to whenever, Seattle, $900 / New York, $1100

:: Further Options

Once we have established a relationship, other options may be available, depending on your needs and interests. Longer or shorter sessions, weekend intensives or travel.


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