Sensual Touch

The ultimate sensual heaven. Leave your workday behind, settle into a mini-vacation that is all about you. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. Nothing to figure out.

This is not a quick rub down. It is a rich, deep, powerful experience and an invitation into your deepest heart. Nothing affirms your goodness like pleasure, and pleasure is my specialty.

It’s amazing how many people say they are ‘not so good at receiving’. But there are a few secrets that make it easy and luscious, and I can show you those.


For these sessions:

If we are meeting for the first time, we will meet for coffee and spend a few minutes getting acquainted and making sure we are comfortable together. Then we step across the street to my studio.

It’s all about you and your experience. I remain at least partially clothed. You may disrobe to your level of comfort.


First time, one hour: Seattle, $300 / New York, $400.

That’s one hour on the table. By the time we have a leisurely greeting and time to shower before and after you may actually be here up to 90 minutes.

 After that, we may increase the time as you like.

We never rush.

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