About Me

I am a former health care professional, and have had my hands on people for over 30 years.

I have taught peer counseling, gender liberation workshops, parenting groups and numerous erotic workshops and events. I am a student of Shaivic Tantra, Liberation Theater and contact improvisation dance. I hold certificates from the Body Electric School and the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

My interest in erotic work has grown out of many years of personal exploration and the changes it has brought in my life. It is a passion that has led me here, offering the same gifts to others. I have led many, many people into a more sensual and empowered eroticism. I know my way around the block.

One thing that has become clear, among many, is that pleasure is a powerful healer and teacher. There is no substitute for a real and immediate relationship to your own skin.

Another thing is that though love may be a mystery, learning to touch is not. Learning to receive pleasure, to give pleasure and to tell the difference is the key. I can show you that.

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