I have spent the last few years in the wonderful world of professional sensual companionship. It’s been satisfying on many levels – body, heart and soul.

Now it’s time to shift gears.

I find that what speaks to my heart these days is guiding those who are looking to go deeper. Those who are willing to question what they know in the pursuit of their own erotic awakening and development. Women, men, couples.


I offer three options:

:: Sensual Touch

Simple ~ Step into my beautiful studio and leave your troubles behind. Luscious sensual loving touch, head to toe. All about you. More about this . . .

:: Coaching

Not so simple ~ These sessions are for those who want to learn, grow, discover, and who are willing to question themselves in order to do so.

It is possible to learn an extraordinary amount in one session, but is best approached as a series, over time. Once you commit to learning, you will not want to stop. Even so, if all you have is one session, I can show you how to awaken your own eroticism and turn your love life around – with insights and tools to take home with you right away. More about this . . .

:: Evening out, followed by sensual touch

Though I love my brogans and work gloves, I do ‘clean up pretty good’. Dinner, live theater, dance, concert – then back to my place (or your hotel) for a hour of sensual touch for you. More about this . . .

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